PROJECT 365: DAYS 67-72

A quick recap of last week!

For those who don’t know and might stumble across this – I’m taking part in project 365 where I attempt to take a picture every day (of literally anything!) just for fun!

At the moment I’m just using the camera on my phone but it’s only because my camera is acting up at the moment. If you’re interested in seeing more just have a look at the blog tags on the right and click ‘Project 365’!

This week I finally finished Rat Queens; I got the e-book version on my new iPad and LOVED it! Review to follow so stay tuned! Below is a favourite frame from the first instalment because it reminds me of a friend.


I had a week filled with ‘things’ – I’m a sufferer of social anxiety and tend to feel panicky when I have too many social things in my calendar but I always have the best intentions to meet with friends for a drink so I caught up with one of my best buddies and we chatted in this cool pub where they have lamps made of books and this cool violin lamp!


After literally just saying I have social anxiety here is another picture of a pub I went to before my Samurai class. The décor is cool and the pictures of random people both scare and entice me.


I was only in work for 4 days this week because Friday was my mum’s birthday so we all took the day off work for a relaxing jaunt around town. We went to a local eatery and they served milk in tiny jugs which is just cute. Anything small is cute unless it’s a chocolate bar in which case it incites rage in me. It’s a long story.


On Saturday I blogged about sending snail mail – below is one of the bits of mail I’m sending out; one of my best friends finally moved into her new place so I thought I’d be a grown up and send her a ‘new home’ card. I’m very impressed with myself!


Have you ever watched The Shining? If you have maybe don’t hang out in storage facilities… not the most friendly of places but there’s something cool about walking around and knowing people have things behind these doors. What are they hiding? Sadly mine is just filled with furniture!


Spring is really settling in and we’ve had some great sunny days. I love being in the garden when the sun it out because secretly I’m a dog. My dad has this cute fake hummingbird which sits above the herbs and vegetables to keep the nasties away. It’s solar powered so when the sun it out the little thing flaps around; dumb nasties!




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