Snail Mail Antics

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll remember my vow to start sending more things in the post when I stupidly made my 2016 to-do list public, because what’s better than making goals public in hopes that other people will make you stick to them?

Ever since I decided to start sending post to friends and fellow bloggers I’ve been on the look out for quirky stationary and cards so that everyone I mail get’s something unique and fun.

This week I’d taken a break from blogging because I was doing a variation of number 2 on the goals list; write. (Side note: Goal number 1 has already been completed! Go me!). I then had a realisation that it was March and I’d not even sent anything out to people yet so I stepped on over to Paperchase (I seriously love them, every time I go to the store I leave with cards, stationary or with a deep desire to buy high quality writing paper because GOSH!) and I bought some items to help me get started.


I never like to send anything in the post that hasn’t been personalised with either a doodle or a little envelope-fitting gift.

For my first batch of post I decided to insert a Polaroid image I’d had printed via Polagram – a great service which prints your Instagram pictures –  and a bag or two of my favourite tea because I have major tea and coffee addictions [though I keep promising, there is a blog post about both things on the way].



With the cards and the inserts sorted all I have to worry about is making sure my handwriting is legible. Working in an office has a negative impact on handwriting skills so I apologise in advance if letters go out with my chicken scratch!



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