PROJECT 365: DAYS 60-66

Last week was pretty good for me. Mostly because I finally won something in my life; an i-pad mini. Still working out the kinks but it’s alright.


You know when you’re just so sick of winter that any kind of blue sky is good, despite the overall temperature?


Sadly, because it’s been so cold my roses died really quickly. Ok, so I might have been part to blame because I forgot to snip the stems but never mind that. I actually quite like the look of wilting flowers. ART. DEATH. MOODY VIBES.


And then the snow came. This was but a small snippet of the day; we had thick snow from morning until about 6 at night. Colour me unamused; I hate cold and snow so it was a bit crap… still, I can admit it’s pretty.


What’s this? A picture of a church? I live near a lot of churches, ok? Cut me some slack. I somehow managed to get this pretty symmetrical despite it being a drive-by picture!


The sun came back! Hallelujah! It was really warm at lunch time so me and the pup sat in the garden and soaked up the rays for thirty minutes. It was enough to perk me up and make my day a million times better.


Tomorrow’s blog is going to be a photo centric one. I like doing picture posts but if you have anything you enjoy me blogging about let me know!




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