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As you may be aware, I won an ipad mini the other day. Ever since I got it I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it because I have a Chrome Book and a laptop already, plus a Samsung phone which is basically a mini computer so a tablet is a bit of a non-essential.

Still, I got one through no fault of my own and I’ve been wondering how to find a use for it. I’ve done the usual things [got a game or two, played with the camera and imovie, made some amazingly similar sounding songs on garage band] but I was struggling to find the actual need and use for something I didn’t need in the first place [I know, first world problems!].

Anywho; I finally think I’ve figured out a part of it.

I stumbled upon the Image Comic app which is basically the best graphic novel producing company in the world in my opinion [on a par with Dark Horse]. I found, after a long time trawling through my ‘local’ Forbidden Planet, that Image graphic novels are the ones I’m drawn to the most [unintentional pun alert] so finding an app where you can browse their entire collection and buy the e-book versions is amazing.

I don’t know about other countries but graphic novels in the UK can really do damage to your bank account. The e-book versions are, obviously, cheaper but I did umm and ahh for a few hours before making my first purchase because I really enjoy physical copies of things. I like holding the books and leafing through the pages and looking at the art work so, naturally, I worried that a digital version wouldn’t be as good [plus e-book versions usually mean cut profits for people so I feel bad about that, too!]. I was wrong! If anything I’ve found that I enjoy the digital version a little bit more because it stops me from rushing through.

I have a bad habit of reading a whole page in one go; I scan read so with graphic novels my brain takes a picture of the whole page at once. It means I can read really quickly but with GN’s that’s not what you want to do. With the i pad you can make it show you one ‘frame’ at a time and, wow, does it make a difference. Colour me impressed!

My first purchase was Rat Queens which has been on my list a long time but it’s a little expensive so I’ve always put it off. It was only £5.99 on the app and it’s AMAZING.

I’m part way through Saga [another amazing series] but they, too, tend to be on the expensive side so now I’m contemplating getting the digital’s and giving the hard copies away.

What do you think of digital graphic novels? I’m still not going to be reading books digitally because that’s just one step too far but I really recommend it if you like to take in the art work and you don’t want to rush the experience.

Also; feel free to tell me about any good series you know of!




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