I know places // Zermatt, Switzerland

I figured, why not blog about places I’ve been and loved?

My family and I went to Zermatt in December two years ago for my sister’s wedding. We’d never been before but she wanted to get married somewhere cold and snowy because she’s insane. Lucky for me it only snowed for about a hour on the actual wedding day!

I digress. Zermatt is probably a very normal skiing town but as I’d never been to one before it was pretty magical. Picturesque to the nines and just crazy high up. I’ve never been to a place right in the middle of mountains before and at first I found it quite scary [I’m scared of being high up and getting there was nail biting] but after a few hours I realised I LOVE MOUNTAINS.

So I figured why not share some pictures; these are only a few but I took so many and they’re all saved elsewhere so picture me a vision of laziness.


If you’ve been let me know. I feel like it’s the kind of place I could stay in forever, despite the cold [because I HATE cold]!



One thought on “I know places // Zermatt, Switzerland

  1. These photos are gorgeous. I love mountains too, but rarely ever get to see any. I’ve never been to Sweden, but my husband and I possibly taking a vacation to Europe and if we do Norway is one of the top places on our list.


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