Hey! I won an ipad mini 4!

Don’t go getting all excited, I’m not about to talk about a website competition I entered or share a link to a website where you might win an ipad, I’m just here to tell you I won an ipad mini 4 through my place of work.

I’m not an Apple person. I have an ipod but other than that I’ve never been one to crave an Apple product; mostly because I believe the prices extortionate.

That being said now I’ve won one I need your help. What do I do with it? What are the things I need to know, the apps I need to download? I have a firm grasp on how it actually works because my boyfriend has one but I want to find apps that suit me and that’s where I fall down because THERE ARE SO MANY.

So if you use an iphone or ipad let me know your must-have apps; I’m all ears. From music to books to editing software – tell me all! Then, who knows, I might be able to write a review!




6 thoughts on “Hey! I won an ipad mini 4!

  1. Pretty cool! A few years ago when I was working in a company they offered everyone an iPad mini for Xmas. I like the Typic app to edit photos in a fun way, you can add text and design elements to the image. Try the “Two Dots” game, it’s a nice and relaxing game I like to play in the iPad. And of course, the YouTube app – it’s so handy to watch videos on it! Have fun 😉

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