Photostream: A day in Manchester

Manchester is my nearest city and the one I enjoy wandering around the most. It’s got that whole gross but kind of pretty vibe about it that I somehow enjoy.

So here are a couple of snaps from my day!

Is there anything cuter than a bunch of cacti/ succulents?


When we go into Manchester we literally spend all day walking, walking, walking. It’s such an easy place to get around and a nice place to just wander.


We always start in the same spot; a cool shop called Magma where they sell all sorts of little bits and pieces. If I could own everything in there I’d be happy.

North Tea Power

I’m currently on the hunt for some new coffee blends. I tend to buy the bigger named coffee brands because they’re safe but I’m on the hunt for some bespoke beans so I looked up some nearby places. North Tea Power was in a place I always go but always seemed to miss. I tried their Deerhunter blend, below, and whilst I wasn’t a huge fan I loved the fact it was COFFEE. Around here we don’t have many choices for the dark stuff so I’m going to make a point of sampling their other blends because WOWZA. Talk about flavour.

The Real Macchiato.
Sweet Mandarin every. single. time.

Like I said; We always start in the same place when we go and we tend to always end in the same place. Sweet Mandarin is my favourite Chinese restaurant so I’m always happy when I get to sit down and pig out!!



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