Currently Watching // TV shows

Are you like me and watch a million shows at once (that’s how it feels, anyway).

Ever since I was a kid, in fact I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t watching a few things at once, I have had an obsession with keeping up with multiple TV shows. It used to be harder because you had to wait week after week; you had set days for particular shows – there was basically something to do every night of the week (Yeah, I’ve never been one to go out, I’ve always had my face glued to a TV, ok?).

I’m currently watching:

The X Files – I’m loving this new series. I think I’ve heard a few grumbles from people; in some people’s opinions it’s been too long and they sense the big gap in the story but for me it’s totally the opposite. I feel like it’s never been off my screen (OK, maybe because I still watch the old episodes every now and then). The chemistry between Mulder and Scully is still zingy, they both look fabulous and the third episode was the funniest/ best episode of any television show I’ve ever watched!

Teen Wolf – It’s a guilty pleasure but I won’t apologise for it. Teen Wolf is such a good show it’s just silly. That’s probably why I like it. Anything with monsters and demons and I’m in. The current season is cranking up. I always find they start strong, get a little washy in the middle but by the end of the season there’s so much action you forget the bad parts. Enjoying it a lot.

Grimm– Season 5 is amazing. I’m just saying; so many changes and character developments it’s hard to believe I doubted this show had legs in the beginning. I literally love every character; the good and the bad. After last season the show has flipped on it’s head and things are progressing at a rapid rate it’s making me think there isn’t going to be a 6th season but I think I might be OK with that… Better to end on a high.

Firefly – Every year I make a point of re-watching this. It’s one of my go-to’s when I’m looking for a brain refresh. The writing is still the best writing of any show; I absolutely LOVE the dialogue. If there’s one thing I can harp on about it dialogue and character interaction. Writing both novels and screenplays you get a feel for how difficult it can be to do a good job and make it believable so every time I watch Firefly I am mesmerised how Joss Whedon pulled this off. Right now I’m all about the space pirate life.

Pretty Little Liars – I don’t even have to say this is a guilty pleasure any more because so many people are watching this. The newest season is kind of… blah. Like, I think it’s OK and I’m enjoying the usual interactions and stuff but there’s nothing new. It’s five years later and the girls still don’t know how to throw a punch or just stand up against someone and say ‘Ummm, not thanks mystery text person. I’ll let the FBI know I’ve gotten a text from you and they’ll track you down’. It’s not believable to think that someone is better at encrypting phones in a small town than anyone in the FBI. They have an expert tech friend and even he’s one step behind every single bad guy. I can’t help wonder why they still turn to him! I could write about this show forever because the original seasons were bad up until the writers read a Hitchcock manual and managed to pull some pretty decent fast-ones but this season is so far lacking any great qualities. I just want them to go back to Ravenswood and play with ghosts instead.


I think that’s all I’m watching at the moment – I can talk about TV for a very long time so I’m trying to cut this short; tell me what you’re watching or if you’re looking for a show to fill your time let me know what you like and I’ll recommend something. I’m pretty good at that.





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