Nature’s patterns

I notice patterns in almost everything; patterns in words I read and the way text spans a page. If you look at the characters printed rather than reading them you see how they make shapes on the paper. I always feel like there is meaning in the way the text sits; a hidden message I just can’t see.

It’s the same with nature. I look at the way flowers tilt towards the sun en mass, how some trees reach upwards and how some let their leaves drip down towards the earth. If you look at the ground you don’t realise that underneath your feet millions of roots spread, searching, feeling their way towards something.


I like to look at tree branches reaching upwards. I love the pattern and the intentions. I like how under the ground there is a mirror image; reaching up for sunlight and down for water. Both sides helping to keep the other alive.


I recently watched [some of] the movie Lucy. The main protagonist was able to access the dormant parts of the human brain, able to manipulate the world around her. Sometimes I look around and try to imagine being able to see each atom that makes up the world. How many patterns would we see? Maybe the world would make sense, maybe the universe would look like the branches of a tree; all connected and reaching out towards something else… maybe I need to sleep more.

Sorry if this was a hippy-dippy post. I just really enjoy thinking about the complications of life!



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