Keeping blonde hair blonde!

I figured I’d share some products I use to keep my hair blonde. Well, bleached blonde.

We all know – you bleach your hair and you get brassy yellow and orange tones. It happens, it’s a thing. I decided to bleach my own hair when I decided I didn’t really mind if it looked terrible… and it did at first but I’ve been getting it better, quicker, recently.

I first bleached my whole head last year in June. I’ve not bleached all my hair since; just the roots, so the ends of my hair are still super blonde and I just try to work on keeping roots not-orange and not too dark (though that’s a thing so it’s ok when it happens).

I guess this is a little bit of a review of the following products but it’s not endorsed or anything, I just think these items really help me keep a handle on the head of hair.

The bleach I use is L’Oreal Preference in Platinum – just as a reference.


When I first used this I got to yellow; which is good. Yellow is the hair’s base colour but we all want to be; getting your hair from yellow to THE COLOUR OF YOUR DREAMS, however, can take time and work. It’s a game of patience. (This is all based on my own hair, by the way, so if this isn’t your experience I get it!) 


When I bleached my hair it was very yellow all over so, after some shopping around, I bought Bleach London’s toner kit:


The kit comes with the colourant and an applicator bottle with developing lotion and an intensive conditioning hair mask.

First off; I didn’t have a great result with the actual toner. I suppose it depends on hair but mine doesn’t take well to colour; I can strip it out but adding it back in has always been a pain. When I used to get highlights they would fade very quickly. Hair works in mysterious ways, I guess.

I left the toner on for the time they recommended. I may have even left it on for a little longer but it didn’t do a great job; if my hair was any lighter I couldn’t really tell. What IS great, though, is the conditioner. GET THAT THANG! It’s fabulous just to have for when your hair is reeeall thirsty!

What I used instead was Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow:


I have used this before and didn’t find it great but it’s because I didn’t leave it on for long enough – they say something like 15 minutes but I kept it on for about 40 and it worked a lot better. I think, if I were to do a 2nd coat, it would be even better but I have long hair so the pot doesn’t go that far! Great product, though, and smells gooood!

To keep the blonde getting blonder I use Bleach London’s Silver Shampoo:screenshot_2016-02-17-18-33-03-1.png

This does work, albeit slowly, after a while using it you will notice it keeps it blonde. I wouldn’t use it with every wash because shampooing all the time dries your hair but I use it every other wash and I like it a lot. As you can see:


My hair is getting really blonde at the ends and I’m still working on keeping up with the roots (it needs another bleach soon, bah!) but all the above items, bar the Bleach London Toner, make it a long but enjoyable experience.

That being said I’ve recently bought Bleach London’s Rose Shampoo to start adding a little rosy glow to my hair… the question is; Rose tips or all over???


Let me know if you have any experience with these products; I love to hear about hair colouring fun times, especially how others keep blonde hair blonde!


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