PROJECT 365: DAYS 38-44

When the days start to get lighter I start to feel so much happier about everything… well, most things. The weather is making me itch to go out with a ‘real’ camera and take some real pictures. I’m a wimp and I can’t handle anything even close to ‘chilly’ when it comes to my weather. The only chilli I like comes with rice… *eye-roll*

09-02-16: I wouldn’t normally do a ‘selfie’ but I found my Pokemon hat and I was excited. 

If blue sky and trees doesn’t make you happy there’s something wrong with you. That’s an actual fact. This tree is huge; I used to climb it as a kid. I couldn’t do it now but I do like to look up at it and watch as the light hits the top branches.


It’s almost time to plant the next batch of vegetables in the garden but with last year’s leeks, mint and parsley going so well I’m thinking there’s no point disrupting it.


I like to make cards for my boyfriend or, if I buy cards, amend them so they’re more ‘me’. This year I followed a tutorial from Lauren Fairweather – so mine came out more like a hump-backed owl (my boyfriend thought it was a whale) but that makes it all the better in my opinion. Got to love slightly skewed DIY projects!


Have you ever gone into a flower shop just to smell it? I do… I stood outside this one for a few minutes looking at all the lovely things they had before having a quick peek inside. I can’t wait to fill my new home with lovely things but for now I’m just dreaming.


This Sunday was Valentines day. Yeah, yeah; commercial holiday, but what isn’t these days? I like an excuse to buy gifts and make heart shapes in coffee. I also made heart shaped pancakes but they didn’t last long enough to photograph…


Finally; Juno. It’s not project 365 without at least one picture of her. She has a tendency to run away with things and close her eyes so you can’t take them off her. She’s odd but it’s fun chasing her around!



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