Miss Sentimental

I am sentimental about a lot of things. It’s terrible, really. I wish I were sentimental about things that really matter; people, memories, places… alas, I’m not. I’m the worst kind; a hoarder.

I keep things that have no use for the sake of the ‘memory’, like if I don’t have this movie stub I’ll forget I ever saw it. Truth be told I would never forget seeing a movie; I have the best memory for pointless things, still, I keep the stubs because I just do. 

Soon I’m going to have to have a big clear out; I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it (Read: I’ve mentioned it a million times) but I’m moving from my family home into my own flat very soon. It’s only a small little place and whilst it has great storage space (one of the reasons we fell in love with it) it doesn’t have unlimited space.

I have already started throwing things out that can’t be given away or sold – candles I never used and have discoloured and no doubt lost their scent over the years, crappy old necklaces that are so beyond repair/wear, shoes that have holes in (because I’m obsessed with keeping all my old converse trainers despite not being able to wear them any more). Little things. Sadly I have a long way to go before I’ve whittled down all my belongings to things I really WANT to keep. Things I WANT to look at often.

Books are my biggest hurdle, oh guys… BOOKS. I only have two Ikea bookshelves, not that big of a deal, however, there are quite a few books stacked on the shelves… two books deep and then books on top. You know what it’s like. I’m never giving up on my library but sometimes you can’t just keep books for the sake of it. That’s something I’ve just recently realised – it’s taken me 30 years, ok?


I decided to be proactive; I’ve never been one to dwell on loss and getting rid of books does always feel like a loss. Each book I’ve read is, in a way, a part of me. Starting with the ones I want to hold onto for a long time I marked them all with little tabs marked ‘K’ for keep. It felt nice labelling my collection. I’m sure the books were pleased I’d picked them… (I’m not insane…). Next I have to decide which to ‘S’ (Sell) and which to ‘C’ (give to charity). That won’t be as difficult to decide and I’m looking forward to boxing them all up ready for the next stage in their lives.


Maybe this sounds silly to other people but the books I have are dear to me; maybe like the movie stubs some of them aren’t as important now as they were but at least I can pass the ones I’m not keeping on to other owners who might add them to their ‘K’ pile instead.

Don’t worry; Raph gets a ‘K’, too. So does the out of shot Buffy…

Let me know how you do with books; are you a read ’em and leave ’em kind of person (I need to be more like this) or are you too sentimental and hold onto every book you read even if it wasn’t a favourite?


4 thoughts on “Miss Sentimental

  1. Oh god we’re like twins on this subject! I’m such a hoarder it’s insane. I have the hardest time with throwing away pointless stuff! The older the item gets, the harder it gets to part with it. I don’t even know if I could ever get rid of some of my books. Every single book has a memory tied to it and getting rid of said book would make me feel as if I were to give up on that memory. I don’t know if I could do that, that being said, I really need to sort through my books someday…..

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