PROJECT 365: days 32-37

Another week where I may have missed a few days but I wasn’t feeling great so I’ll allow myself the tardy.

03-02-16: You can’t see it very well but there’s a tiny yellow bud on this tree and it makes me happy.

The winter is slowly giving way to spring in the UK. We’re having crazy weather but I’m coming out of work at 5 and it’s still light out, which is a big improvement.

04-02-16: A cute little bird sitting in the tree with perfect blue sky. 

As bright days give way to blue skies I always find myself getting impatient for warm weather, though it’s clear that won’t happen for a long time. Still, I’m waiting, waiting!

05-02-16: Sick all day; stayed in at home with my headphones on and listened to LOTS of music.

I sadly had to take Friday off work because I wasn’t feeling well but I took it as a sign to relax a little and did some yoga to ease my stomach pain. I also listened to a lot of music because I hardly ever give myself time to do that and I finished my novel. It was a good sick day, really…

07-02-16: Took a lovely cold day’s walk around and stopped to admire the local allotment’s vegetable haul. 

I love it when you have been feeling unwell and you wake up feeling GOOD! Saturday was a strange day for me; I ate some food and passed out in my clothes and slept the whole night through in my jeans and jumper! I needed it; woke up Sunday feeling so much better and after this walk I felt alive.

08-02-16: Juno never fails to make me laugh with her strange sitting habits. She’ll perch anywhere just to get my attention. 

I had a strange week filled with new ideas and new possibilities – I have so may feelers out for things I want to do it’s confusing. Hopefully I’ll figure things out… wow, that’s cryptic!



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