Memorable Lines -Labyrinth

Now that the shock and the media meltdown has faded I feel like I can write a post where it doesn’t feel like I’m just adding to the noise.

I often have the Labyrinth soundtrack playing in my head. Mostly the instrumental stuff because the score is a wonderfully dark, obscure, and complex thing.

When I think of the music I think of the overlay;

“Give me the child. Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as your and my kingdom as great…”

Of course this is just one of the memorable quotes from this film because the whole thing is filled with golden one liners and exchanged riddled with curiosities.

I love how creepily romantic it is and how, like most fairy tales, it’s complex in terms of all the themes it explores [gender, sexuality, relationships, adolescence]. I love how it favours sentimentality over everything and how it empowers the female intelligence over male temptation. I love how, in spite of his age, Jareth really does offer Sarah something solid; a chance to get away from a sad family life [deceased mother, new stepmother, new baby brother, absent dad] and join him in a kingdom built just for her. Finally, I love how she chooses to face her reality rather than dwell in the fantasy – how she delivers the final line …”You have no power over me” as the music reaches the crescendo. The line she’d struggled with so many times until it really mattered. Basically I hold this film in such high regard because every aspect of it wows me and it has done for the past million years!

If you love it let me know, if you hate it tell me why and I’ll try to convince you otherwise!





2 thoughts on “Memorable Lines -Labyrinth

  1. Have you read the book? The ending is sadder, it’s only a small thing but I thought it was a harsh end that cut the fantasy out of adult life completely where I believe we all need to believe in a little magic no matter how old we are.
    I love the sound track, it was perfect for my 45 min walk to work. 🙂

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