PROJECT 365: DAYS 26-31

I missed a day, I know I missed a day but at the time I was sure I hadn’t. Oh well, you live you forget to take pictures… that’s the saying, right?

26-01-16: Favourite part of the night. Post Yoga, Sleepy puppy… or should I say downward puppy? *chortle* [I’ll show myself out]
27-01-16: Can’t wait until I’m in my new place and I can buy all the succulents my heart desires.
28-01-16: Is it wrong to enjoy the design of bottles so much? These bottles or Whisky are exquisite.
30-01-16: Crazy windy weather = really dry clothes.
31-01-16: A crazy happy Sammi; finished 30 days of yoga and almost finished final edits on my first book. A day behind schedule but I ain’t gonna kick myself!
01-02-16: I was driving home and saw this cloud. Not a great picture but it was like an oil slick; a rainbow in a cloud. The rest of the clouds were green and red, it was like seeing into another world.

I’ve had a bad week (work is just ARGH inducing) mixed with a great weekend for doing things. I cleaned my car  and I tidied up my room as well, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Along with actually almost finishing my final re-draft of my very first novel (not my only manuscript but the first one I ever started), finishing my 30 days of yoga and starting a new round of 30 days aaaaand rehashing future plans to the point where they are 100% achievable and 100% excitement inducing I feel great right now.

Life is feeling pretty good right now, if only my solicitors would hurry the hell up this month might pan out to be a life changer!



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