In Town on Business


The call for a new job is loud. To me, anyway. I’ve been in the same place for almost ten years now and I’m getting antsy. Whilst I appreciate the freedom the job has given me to explore other things I’m itching to move somewhere else and try something new.

I’ve seen a few job offers and I’m putting feelers out but I’m dying to try to find something to do where I’m working for myself. Sure I want to get published but I’m not under any illusions of grandeur. The reality will be that I’ll write, get published (hey, putting it into the universe, ok?) and then also have something else on the side.

I have a few business ideas but a ‘real’ business is scary, am I right? How many people have actually looking into business plans and financing? I tell you, it scares me. Well, not the business planning but the finance part because WHO has the balls to borrow money for a business? I don’t. I wish I did but I don’t.

When you look at business planning the ‘plan’ is to expand, to make money above all else, and be ‘successful’ in the eyes of the lender. The bank, man. Of course the bank and I don’t have the same definition of success.

To me the biggest goal is to make enough money. Contribute to a community, create a small business that makes people happy in some form or other. I have a general idea of what that will be but whittling it down to the most viable version is the hardest/ funnest part.


I feel like I’m always planning things, always wanting to move but never getting anywhere of real substance. I do the leg work and then I sit back down again because my legs are tired. 

I’m always impressed by people who Get. Things. Done. I need to be one of those people, STAT! That being said plans are being made, pots are being stirred, and life is plodding forward as ever it does.



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