The return of TV gold!

I know what you’re thinking – Buffy is back! Alas, no. That would be something; basically anything Joss Whedon has made should be on TV forever and for all time but that’s a post for another day. [Maybe one day the spin off for Buffy I was writing a script treatment for will become real, eh?]

What I wanted to talk about, because it fills me with SUCH EXCITEMENT, is the return of three TV shows I loved when they originally aired:

The X-Files 

I know – despite the airbrushing Fox Mulder is still looking the part. I mean, I know he was a major dork/goober but he was also still so cool and handsome and perhaps one of my first tv show crushes? Wow. That’s kind of creepy.

I can’t wait to get back into the swing of this show. I never finished the whole series because after season 3 or 4, or whatever, I didn’t like the dynamic between any of the characters. Even back when I was younger I was really into how characters worked together [character development should be a thing you can do a Masters in because I’d be there, in Uni, with a ‘The truth is out there’ T-shirt on]. I haven’t read up on the new plot but I can’t wait to see where they take it. Scully was the basis for all my 90’s sci-fi geek-dom because she was a bad ass woman with a gun permit for crying out loud. Plus; those shoulder pads. Guuuuurl!


Twin Peaks

The owls are still not what they seem. AmIright?

I can’t confess to watching this when it originally aired, though my boyfriend was there, waiting with baited breath, watching it all unfold as it happened. What I would have given to have experienced that! Did you know Twin Peaks was the first television series to actually hold a mystery story line that spanned an entire season? Once you watch this series you will love how much other TV series were influenced by the crazy, creepy plot and characters.

I can’t wait to see how everything lies 25 years later. I can’t wait to see which characters return and which don’t. I can’t wait to see if the owls are still not what they seem.



I keep seeing the advert for this and hearing that music fills my heart with so much ARGH. I recently re-watched the entire back catalogue of the original series (it’s only four seasons but still) and fell in love with it again. I even bought some horn rimmed glasses… look I’m not proud but I kind of am.

The show left everything hanging by a thread, there was so much to lose and gain for the characters so I can’t wait to see the fall out. Never before have I loved/ hated a bad guy since possibly Spike in Buffy. Never before have I wanted to seriously maim so many people whilst simultaneously high five them.


I probably need to talk about TV shows more because they are my life. I am never not reading a book and I’m never not watching a few shows at once. There are so many TV shows I wish would get come backs like these. Buffy, in particular, would be amazing.

If you could have a TV show come back all brand new with either old or new cast what would it be? Maybe we can start a petition!




4 thoughts on “The return of TV gold!

  1. Did you watch the X-files episode on Monday? My goodness, it was fantastic. Can we just talk about Mulder in a speedo?? Fox Mulder is one of my first and longest crushes for sure. My friend and I had an X-files club because apparently we had nothing better to do than pretend we were solving unsolvable mysteries. Haha.

    I’m right there with you on wanting more Buffy too!

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    1. No I’ve not watched it yet; I’m saving it up so I can watch a few at once because I can’t handle just one episode of anything! haha! Fox is amazing, I’m kind of jealous you had a club! (When I was younger our club was more along the lines of The Craft… but very tame!) If more buffy every came along I would be on board in whatever shape or size. It is still my life! haha!


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