Hit me with the Mantra, baby!

Have you ever been in a situation where you just thought to yourself ‘I can get through this, in 24 hours this will be over’? 

Pretty much every day I find myself thinking little phrases to help me through and it wasn’t until this month that I realised I was using a convoluted form of Buddhist Mantra to help me through the tougher times I’ve had in life.

Whilst I’ve been going through the 30 days of Yoga Camp with Adriene I’ve been learning to use mantras more efficiently. Less of the overly long ‘just get through the day and get home and put your PJ’s on and you’ll be OK’ thoughts that overly complicate the mental message I’m trying to send myself and more of the more precise ‘I trust…’ and ‘I accept…’

Since I’ve started saying these things to myself when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed or stressed I find I’m able to calm down more and trust the process of life. Jeez, listen to me. I know I’m a total hippy but I really do think positive thinking can get you through most things in life. (Cue Kimmy Schmidt).

Positive affirmations are great, ok? I personally enjoy these sorts of things on t-shirts and jumpers as well (you have to accept it as a thing when you see so many ‘keep calm and…’ mugs, right?) because why not have visual reminders of positive thinking?

I own a few t-shirts which make me feel cool as a cucumber when I wear them (case, in point, below) and I want the ones beneath because YES.

Wearing this makes me feel good about being creepy/crazy. 


Mulberry press co are my dream clothing company – Shipping costs need to get lost!

Image 1 of ASOS Boyfriend T-Shirt with Zen PrintGraphic Tees - Time to Prioritize Tee in IvoryGraphic Tees - Just Right Direction Tee

ASOS always has my bank account worrying and Modcloth is always a tee-se (see what I did there?)

If you think it’s all a load of bologna just try it out for a week. A day, even. Give yourself a mental (or fashionable) boost and relax into it because, remember, every little thing is gonna be alright.






2 thoughts on “Hit me with the Mantra, baby!

  1. wow! I am also doing yoga camp! I love it so much. Her mantras really resonate with me. I was diagnosed with panic disorder years ago and I have found healing through yoga, meditation, and mantras. I actually write down my favorites and keep them with me so I can reflect on them through the day. Cheers!

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