Original Art vs Reproduced Prints


I love art; paintings, photographs, sculptures. When I think of my ideal house it’s filled with all sorts of things that make my heart pitter-patter.

The thing that I always ummm and ahhh about is original art vs. reproductions.

It seems silly but I always find myself turned off at the idea of buying mass produced art because I want to have something ‘real’. Something that’s been painted once, a photograph that hasn’t been printed over and over again, a sculpture which has thumb prints! Of course I’m not saying that reproductions are worth less – I genuinely love so many things I see in shops I find it hard to resist buying them, the thing that I like is the idea that I have something no one else can own.

I suppose it’s because I know so many people who have recently bought homes and have decorated them with art from shops rather than galleries that I find I don’t want to accidentally buy the same thing!

Is this just me? I don’t know – let me know if you purchase art from actual artists rather than the reproduced stuff from stores.



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