Project 365: Days 19-25

I keep getting confused with what pictures are from what days! All I know is that I’ve been snapping like mad recently! It’s been great but I do feel like I’m phoning it in (because I’m taking pictures on my phone, geddit?). One day I’ll stop complaining about my own insecurities!

19-01-16: I’m always wanting to take pictures at night so I’ll do a night shoot soon; dark places that are quiet when they’d normally be busy creep me out but in a good way.
20-01-16: I love this building; it used to be a hotel and then a pub; for a while it had a huge kids play area inside. I knew people who worked there but over the past 10 years it’s fallen into disrepair. It’s just one of the many listed buildings in the area that no one can afford to fix up!
21-01-16: I might have to give up on these roses. I pride myself in being able to look after plants but it really wasn’t the right temperature to rear this rose plant. Probably why they sold it for £1.40 when it should have been more. Poor little thing!


22-01-16: I won! I’ve been bidding on camera for the past few weeks and finally got my hands on a Pentax ME Super! Can’t wait to get out and shoot some things. It’s been too long since I had a film camera to play with!
23-01-16: Juno found a little flower hiding at the roots of a tree. I wouldn’t have seen it had she not wanted to sniff it. It was such a chilly day it was nice seeing a little bit of yellow amid the wintery scenery.
24-01-16: I would have taken a better picture but it was more fun staying where I was. My favourite movie ever was on (Labyrinth) so I watched from my horizontal position on the sofa. Me and Juno accidentally napped the whole way through it though.
25-01-16: Cold snap turned a little warmer! We had a major rain storm when I left work. I love how people hurry past with umbrella’s. I love walking in the rain, in fact I think I walk with a big stupid smile on my face!

It was such a busy week last week I am so tired! Still! I really should get an early night one of these days!




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