PHOTOSTREAM: Uphill struggles

I go on a really long walk every week. At the moment my route is pretty much the same each week; through my local park, through the village and then a variation of dawdling country lanes or wooded walkways. Seeing where I live and looking out over the plains makes me happy. My walk this weekend took me along a route I used to do a long time ago; I did it often enough that the hill started to seem less of a struggle. Of course I’m aching now because I forgot just how DAMN steep it was!

I have a love of heather; every time I see it I want it. 
Over roof tops, up a hill. On a clear day you can see forever.
Every gate I see I want to photograph. Particularly the ones that don’t really lead anywhere. The village has a long history and I love to imagine a time when this gate would have been used.
My route; up, up and up. It doesn’t look that steep but me and my thighs can confirm it was.
Using a phone to photograph means so much detail is lost, which is a shame. I need to charge my small digital ASAP!
I stopped right next to a wall I’d previously taken a picture of. Looking up it’s hard to believe I missed these trees; I really have a thing for trees, can you tell?
Needed a closer look at this- It’s marvellous! 
I assume it was the creator who carved initials into the body, there’s something about the clash between intricate detailing in the horse and then the harsh lines of the initials that I like.

Soon this won’t be my usual walk; I’ll miss the views but I’m excited to find new ones!




*pictures taken with Samsung Galaxy S5

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