Selling things!

I work in an office. I’ve mentioned it before. It sucks. I’m still set on the goal of making a living (it doesn’t even need to be a lot, just enough) by doing things I love doing. I’ve yet to have the dream beaten out of me by everyone who is happy with ‘normal’.

Eventually I want to make a living writing but I’ve never been satisfied with one type of creation!

I love Society6 for how easy it is but on a downside you could never make money unless you were a professional designer who didn’t mind the website taking the HUGE cut they take. I couldn’t begrudge them because I’ve made some money on the website but I don’t have much control over the product so will eventually take the designs off the site. I want to just print the t-shirts/pillow cases

I designed myself and sell them from home. Hopefully it means I can set up my own little Etsy shop on the side for them and just have a play with being semi self-sufficient. Or at least make a little more spending money because I’m under no illusions I’d make enough LIFE money.

For me just having one job seems a bit boring. Life needs to be about more than sitting doing the same thing day in and day out. I have dreams of setting up a bookshop, however silly that sounds! As well as another store idea I’m working on for Etsy I might eventually have my fingers in enough pies that I won’t need to work in an office any more.

Whenever I tell people I want to do other things they tell me I’m silly, that I shouldn’t throw away a job with a salary. Like that’s what my life should be about. I am well aware I need to make money to live/pay rent/eat/ eat/eat I am not the sort of person who thinks money is LIFE. To me life is about trying to make something of myself, I sure as hell ain’t doing that sitting at my desk every day.

Goodness, this is a pipe-dream post, isn’t it? I only hope one day these posts start being about ‘doing’ rather than ‘talking’.



2 thoughts on “Selling things!

  1. I’m sure I don’t know exactly how you feel, but I’ve definitely had similar feelings very frequently in my life! Especially most recently. When I was in grad school I sold vintage clothing on Etsy which was a lot fun, but once I got a full time job, that pretty much went out the window. Owning a bookstore would be AMAZING but I worry impractical. There’s already an awesome bookstore in my neighborhood that has book discussions and a cafe that sells coffee and wine. So there is probably no chance I could do that. That is awesome that you’ve designed your own images to print on shirts! Seeing other people who know what they want with their life and go out and do it is super inspiring. At least that can give us hope that it is possible!

    Sorry for the rambling!

    A Sentimental Adventure

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    1. Thank you for rambling!! We have bookshops near me but I want to focus on younger readers, which our bookshops don’t do (despite there being no less than 6 schools within a 2 mile radius!!! Selling vintage clothing sounds like fun! I just want to do something different with my life 😛


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