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Hi, my name’s Sam and I am a social media addict. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. That’s where I find I spend/waste most of my time because it’s 2016 and why not? Except I find social media is quite draining. Particularly when you do what I do and you collect people. I tend to hit ‘follow’ more often than not but it just leaves ALL my feeds full of things I don’t really care to read/ watch/ listen to and it means all the things I do want to see are hidden amoungst everything else. I know what you’re thinking; first world problems.Yes, I admit it isn’t that big of a deal but in the year we’re all trying to de-clutter I figured why not do it to my social media accounts, too?

I have spent a good hour going through all the accounts that used to be relevant to my life and hit ‘unsubscribe’. It feels kind of freeing, in a way. I often feel bad for doing it, like I owe that person my consideration but NO MORE! I am starting fresh; 2016 is the year I only follow accounts and people I want to interact with, so goodbye random celebrity I don’t really care for anymore! (I mean, I care but just not enough to follow their every thought/perfect selfie).

wow, super profesh screenshot. 

I’ve managed to whittle everything down:

Facebook was: 192 // Now: 166

Twitter was:535 // Now:362

Instagram was: 617 // Now: 439

Youtube was: 217 // Now: 198

Hey, it might not seem like a big clear out but I feel better for it!

Keeping up with The Big Cleanse I’ll be sure to post something about how to actually get rid of real life things because I’m soon to move into my very first apartment and I’m need to downsize, like, Lilliput style! (If you don’t get that reference I’m sad!)


6 thoughts on “De-cluttering social media

  1. Did you find one was harder to cleanse than the others? Most of the time I like following the multitude of people/accounts on Twitter, but other times I feel like it’s too much. And whenever I take the time to go through the accounts I follow I find it silly that even trying to weed out irrelevance on my feeds means I’m still spending (dare I say wasting?) time on social media – oh well, it’s worth it right?

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  2. I unfollowed friends on Facebook so I am not tempted to put Likes on junk. Now if I really am curious about their lives, I have to go directly to their page. This is really working for me!

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