Internet History


No, I’m not going to talk about how you should delete your internet history and/or cookies on the regular because I don’t do that either so that would be hypocritical! I just found a really old internet account and it made me laugh.

I’ve mentioned a fair few times on this lil’ blog that I’m now thirty years old and that means I’ve been on the internet since it became, like, life. I remember NOT having the internet and I very much remember getting it, too. I have been socialising in all sorts of dorky corners of the internet for so long I actually forget what I used to spend hours doing!

I’ve always been computer-savy. When your dad is a graphics person you kind of grow up with this predisposition for creating things in the virtual space; I used to make posters, design and print t-shirts, even DRAW things using a mouse and hot-damn was I good at it. Drawing with a mouse is my bag; I even have some pictures from when Facebook was way cool and everyone was sending pictures to each other in the form of ‘graffiti’ (see below).

In my little trip down memory lane (wow, clichéd sentence alert) I found an old account with other pictures saved; you see, I also used to do graphics for websites. I’d make banners and buttons for free because we also used to do that for fun way back when. I joined a website as staff and we took on jobs for Harry Potter websites, mostly. Because I was and still am a super cool Slytherin, OK? I really wish I could get on the site where I used to make things so I could just look to see how (probably) terrible they look in hindsight but sadly it’s gone. What I did find, though, were some hilarious fake movie posters (my staple edit; I have many made for friends with our faces on them) for Star Trek (I have no idea why, it must have been a joke on a website I used to go on) and a couple of movie posters with band names. Look, I’ve been on the internet for a long time so I’ve been able to build up this history of idiocy, ok?

















This one wasn’t on facebook but I did draw it with a mouse for fun… 

I am going to keep digging around to see if I can find more sites I used to have an account for because ARGH.

Let me know if you have any internet history or would you rather keep it swept under the virtual rug?





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