Project 365: Days 12-18

Last week flew by, not much happened but I got some pictures of some moments.

Monday pranks; we enjoy a good prank at the office I work in. Mine backfired and I ended up covered in ink… oops. 
Secret project time; I’m always up to something so stay tuned. 
A necklace I ordered from a favourite Etsy shop arrived and I love it so much. I’d forgotten you don’t just get the product but a couple of extras that make it so special to open!
Winter hit at the end of the week; clear blue skies and cold chills. I love branches and blue sky.
I woke up to a full on frost at the weekend and this picture just made me laugh so much. I bent down to take a picture of the grass and forgot Juno was out and about. I looked up just in time to move from her intended body slam (her favourite move!), hoped I’d caught her on camera and lo and behold; you can see the devil in her here!
Putting off the final episode of a TV show is what I do best. Decided to bite the bullet and finish Lost Girl. God, I loved this show. I also love Sunday evenings with the family watching TV. 
The fire is lit! I’m happy!


I know; I live such an exciting life…




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