Treat Yo’ Self: Pancakes

Sunday is the day I always treat myself to either a great breakfast or a great lunch. I feel like you should always make time for yourself – for me it almost always revolves around food. I can’t help it. As much as I don’t like the idea of treating food as a reward (because of the obvious negative connotations) it’s more the process. The making.


wp-1453040424882.jpegEvery now and then I’ll whip up a batch of pancakes* for myself (and others, if they are around I guess…) and make a great cup of coffee and drift away. It isn’t like I’m buying myself diamonds but I’d take pancakes over diamonds any day, anyway!

I don’t go overboard with pancakes. Just 3 or 4 small ones, I swear… I’m also not that adventurous. I like fruit with mine and although I love nutella sometimes it makes pancakes way too sweet for my liking. If you have anything in particular you pair with pancakes let me know!





*Recipe is simple: 1 cup of flour (self raising but if you have plain just add 2 teaspoons of baking powder), 1 cup of milk, 1 egg, a dash of vanilla. Add banana or blueberries if you want to make it ‘healthier’!


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