LUSH ‘Haul’

The term ‘haul’ makes me feel odd, I don’t know why. It’s like I’m saying ‘Oh wow, look what I have – so much frivolous spending, la-di-da’… I don’t think that when other people say it, just to clarify, it’s just me being strange as usual.

For my birthday last year my boyfriend gave me £100 of LUSH vouchers. Pretty darn generous if you ask me! I used to hate the shop and the smell for some reason but in past years I’ve started to crave it much like I have started to enjoy red wine. Must be an age thing.

With some of the vouchers (I have quite a bit left; I’m a voucher hoarder) I purchased a few products that I always wanted to ‘review’ but never got around to. Mostly, when I see people doing reviews it’s when they just get the products. Well, I’m post-use so this is surely more beneficial!

Tea Tree Water:


“Keep skin clear and refreshed. Tea tree is antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, so can help keep away the bacteria that can cause spots. Grapefruit is rich in vitamins and is also lightly astringent on the skin, whilst juniperberry is antiseptic and helps keep skin clean and clear. Use any time of day to keep skin refreshed, or to remove traces of makeup or cleanser.”*

I really like this product and would buy it again. I never used it to remove make-up and I don’t generally wear a lot of make-up so I don’t know about it on that front but I do know that after I washed my face spraying this on before bed and before getting ready for work made me feel clean and fresh and healthier. Maybe all in my mind but it was great. The smell is also lovely (if you like tea tree smell) and it lasts A WHILE!

H’suan Wen Hua 


“Full of protein-rich, nourishing ingredients to revive your hair and improve its condition. Free-range eggs are full of protein and have been used for centuries to help strengthen the hair. Fresh bananas and avocados, which are both rich in oils, deeply moisturise and soften the hair. We believe good hair starts at your roots, so we’ve added bay leaf infusion and cinnamon leaf oil to stimulate the scalp. Massage a generous amount into dry hair and leave for 20 minutes before shampooing and conditioning.”

This stuff is like gloop and it feels kind of wrong to smoosh it all over your hair, at least that’s what you think until you do it. Adding a treatment to dry hair feels all kinds of backwards to me but after I’d used it once I was over it. The smell is cinnamon-y so naturally delish and it really did the trick for me. My hair was SO dry after almost a year without a trim and a bleaching as well. I put this on and felt like I’d breathed life back into my hair! Just don’t ask me to pronounce the name.

Imperialis Face Moisturiser 


“A light balancing face cream packed with herbal goodies to restore your skin to its majestic beauty. It’s loaded with plant infusions of lavender, St John’s wort, sweet violet, sunflower, elderflower, and mullein, which have been used for centuries to help restore and revive skin. The perfect all-rounder, and ideal if you’re not sure what your skin needs.”

This one I’m not so sure of. The sales assistant sold it to me by rubbing it into my hand like a little hand massage. His skin was really clear and he was the sort of person who called you ‘love’ and you don’t mind. So I bought it. To be fair my skin looked a little more glossy but I realised quickly I couldn’t use it every day because I started getting spots from it, it is just too heavy for my skin. The smell isn’t too great either, it smells a bit like plastic so not a great review on this. I wouldn’t get it again!

Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask


“A calming and moisturising fresh face mask packed with blueberries, calamine and chamomile, rose, and almond oils to soothe and soften the skin. We use wholesome blueberries as they are rich in vitamins and minerals, including the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E that help to protect the skin from damage. Smooth a generous layer of this mask onto clean skin and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.”

Oh this one is the decadent pick of the bunch. It was from this bucket of ice where the ‘fresh’ masks were kept and had to be kept in the fridge when I got it home. Packed full of blueberries and calming things like chamomile and rose it was a real treat. The kind of mask you wait to use to make yourself feel better! It smells lovely and has a natural lumpy texture which I really like in face masks. Afterwards my face looked so fresh! The only downside was I forgot to use it all and had to get rid of it because the ‘fresh’ masks don’t last as long as the others (even though they are all fresh). I’d get it again in a heartbeat!

The Comforter bubble bar


“Sometimes you just need to shut yourself off from the outside world under a blanket of fruity foam that will put you back in the right frame of mind to face the world. This bar is supersized, so you’ll only need to crumble half a bar under your tap to make enough bubbles for a long, comforting soak. Cassis absolute gives a distinctive blackcurrant fragrance, while bergamot adds an uplifting note.”


Surely the most famous bath bar from LUSH? I heard rave reviews and I’d already bought one in the past (I’ve had this one and another ‘flavour’ as drawer refreshers for years – lovely way to keep clothes smelling fresh when packed away!) but I’m not a huge fan of baths (that and the fact our bath is actually too big to fill all the way with hot water because the tank just can’t cope. Seriously, huge bath!) so I haven’t dipped into the bath products market in a loooong time but I did enjoy it. I never know how much to use so it’s a learning curve but it was a lovely bubble bath and the smell was sweeeet! I’d like to try more of them, though, seeing as my new place has a good NORMAL sized bath so I wouldn’t get this again just because there are more to try!
 Seeing as I have more vouchers to spend and I have to go into Manchester soon to get my nose re-pierced (urgh, rubbish story) I might have to treat myself so let me know if there are any great products I need to try!

*All descriptions from LUSH website!


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