Etsy Lovin’

Oh goodness do I love Etsy. It’s not an obsession, as such, but I love trawling through the shops looking for the perfect BITS. Don’t get me wrong, you can get some great BIG products like furniture and the like but it’s the smaller stuff I like, those little trinkets that sit in your hand like miniature treasure.

I love paying it forward when it comes to supporting crafters and non-conventional money makers. I wanted to go through the list of things I’ve bought in the past whilst I’m looking for new things and perhaps add some of my wish list just because I can*!

This isn’t my head; just wanted to point that out. A nice little ‘Slytherin’ inspired headband was my very first purchase! 
I bought these pink firestone earrings for my sister and it made me wish I had my ears pierced! 
I am STILL in love with this topaz and citrine necklace. I still wear it because I love love love stone-wear. 
I bought this as a gift for my brother’s girlfriend – again, jealous I had to give it away. It’s so delicate in real life. 
How cool are these steam-punk cuff links? A gift for my brother. I can’t even describe how great the detailing is.
I’m actually wearing this ring right now. It’s delicate and fits like a dream (K, I believe) and it placates the inner geek because it’s made of lapis lazuli…
Uh how cute, right? Not my feet because I wouldn’t do that to you – some ballet/ yoga socks. A year or so ago I was quite into ballet fitness and I’m still into yoga in a big way. These keep my feet warm (because I hate cold feet) AND let me grip the mat! 

A few balls of wool I’ve gotten over the past couple of years for my half-finished knitting projects. I should really finish those…


I’m a sci-fi nerd and I love Stargate SG1. It’s no secret. I couldn’t resist this little hand made mini cushion of one of the characters. I bought it for a friend; again I wish I’d kept him!
What’s this? More stones? But this one was amazing! AND also for a friend but I’m saving myself to buy something equally nice from this shop because LOOK AT IT!

So far that’s all I’ve actually bought and most of it wasn’t even for me. I don’t know, you guys, I think I’m looking like a really good person right about now. Of course I have a huge wish list that I’m going to chip away at at some point in my life, too…

Check out my FAVOURITES page over there if you fancy shopping around!



*links for all shops below:

Snake headband // Pink Firestone studs // Topaz and Citrine pendant // Quartz sideways  pendant // Steam punk cuff links // Lapis Lazuli stacking ring // Yoga socks // green wool // purple wool // silver wool // blue wool // knitting needles (size 4.5 mm) // General Hammond mini cushion // Raw rainbow moonstone pendant //


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