Snail Mail Project


Getting something in the post was always a highlight when I was a kid. I used to have pen pals and actual friends who moved away and we kept in touch by sending letters that spanned a few pages of A4 – front and back!

Even in high school me and friends would write each other letters (sometimes when we were sitting in exams and wanted to waste some time at the end) and pass them during lunch break. I have books filled with notes and slips of paper with the silliest things on just for fun. We basically invented Twitter before the internet became a big thing.

Now I’m older post tends to be bills, junk or a magazine I keep meaning to cancel (where I then get annoyed that I haven’t cancelled it yet). It’s boring, basically.

Since I’ve been on the internet doing internet-y things like using social media to its fullest potential etc. I’ve acquired some fantastic friends all over the world. And I want to write to them.

I really want to get my hands on an old roledex and spray it rose gold!

I decided to write this blog entry because The Dainty Squid just did one about this and she’s basically a huge inspiration to me so I thought why not do the same?

I’m going to write at least a letter a month to someone and get back into the swing of things because I want to get more from the post service than bills and flyers. Oh, and that magazine I need to cancel.



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