Project 365: days 5-11

yoga 05-01-16
05-01-16: Yoga every day and getting my downward dog on. Sexy, I know.
06-01-16: Love pub decor; old bottles, obscure pictures, lamp lit.
07-01-16: Driving home from Samurai class. I’d stopped at the lights and was mesmerised by the orange glow.
08-01-16: Goodbye tree, I already miss your smell.
09-01-16: OK, selfie time. I loved my outfit and makeup on Saturday so I had to document it. 
10-01-16: I’m trying to get my reading game back up this year. Aiming for about 40-50 books which I’ve done over the past few years. Fingers crossed. 
11-01-16: Monday night again so cooking Italian. A nice glass of red is always needed 😉

Over-all a great week but not a great week for pictures and it’s only the 2nd week! I need to get my ass into gear and start using a real camera. My phone camera is just that a ‘phone camera’. Whilst it’s fine for things I want to get my real camera out (one of them) and go to town. I see so many things I want to capture and need to get over that ‘people will think I’m weird’ thing because it’s been 30 years… people know I’m weird.

If you’re doing the project let me know how you’re getting on. I don’t think phone photography is LESS of an art but it feel like an easy way out to me!



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