Treat Yo Self: Sunday Brunch

Food. A bit of a love of mine, really. Like everyone, I suppose! I have a few favourite recipes and meals that I always go back to when I want something kind of decadent. Sunday morning tends to be the time I want to treat myself because I’ve usually been on a run and deem myself worthy of food-based reward.

Today I made the most delicious Smoked Salmon scrambled eggs; such a simple thing but so so so lovely it’s like a real treat.

Ingredients: 1 egg, a slosh of milk, however much salmon you can stomach and a few trimmings of chives fresh from the garden!

It couldn’t be simpler to make but I like to make a ritual of it; carefully cracked eggs, whisked slowly and poured into the pan like it might break. Timing the cooking of eggs and salmon with the toast and coffee is like a special talent and I’ve mastered it quite brilliantly.

Pour into pan and cook for a minute or so; basically until the salmon has gone from raw pink to cooked peach!

It’s a habit for me to sit at the kitchen table with this and look out of the window or watch something on netflix, alone might I add? Sunday morning’s are my ‘me’ time. It’s my favourite part of the weekend where I get to just be still. Well, as still as you can be when you’re wolfing smoked salmon scrambled eggs!

Gotta have that fresh espresso. Coffee post to come at some point, I’m a bit of a connoisseur. 
TADA!!!!! Served with a toasted wholemeal bagel and a little REAL butter.

I do love my food!



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