DIY: Bleaching my own hair

For most of my life I’ve been a ‘dirty blonde’. Basically, natural blonde. When I was younger I dreamed of having blonder hair and when I got to my teens I started having highlights. It was a great feeling to finally have hair I’d dreamed of… this seems like such a fickle thing to think but hair, for the most part of my life, has tied in with self-esteem and, like most people, I strived to get my external self to look like how I felt on the inside. Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

Still, as I grew up and reached my 20’s my hair caused me great annoyance. Not just because of how unruly it is (want it straight it curls, want it curled it’s straight). but because my hairdressers (I’ve had a few) have never been able to get me to that perfect point of blonde-ness.

When I hit 30 I decided enough was enough and I turned to home hairdressing; A.K.A haphazard bottle job bleaching.

Since I started I wouldn’t really consider going back to a pro hairdresser for an all over colour. If I ever wanted my hair to have different shades, high/low lights, I might go back but my hair still has it’s natural multi-toned strands so it never looks like it’s all just ONE colour.

I’m thinking it’s because I only bleached my whole head ONCE. When I re-do it I just do the roots and, yes, I do have slightly blonder roots sometimes and they are sometimes more yellow than blonde because we in the UK don’t have great access to really good toners (like, what is that about?) – despite the little things that sometimes make my hair look less than perfect I’ve actually gotten past the hair-tied-into-self-esteem phase of my life and I’m in the I-don’t-care-what-my-hair-looks-like stage. It’s kinda freeing! This year I plan on trying out a few different shades of hair (silver,lilac,rose,peach…) because I realised my hair is just hair. Maybe one day I’ll shave it all off and start again!

Have you ever bleached or do you go to the hairdressers? I’m even tempted to cut my own hair this year just to see how it goes… daring, I know.





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