Online appreciation


I feel like, these days, people are scared of the comments section on websites. In the day and age of anonymity (I really can’t say this word out loud…) the comments section on websites is like the pizza place on a Saturday night; you kinda wanna go but you know there will be drunk people so you could also do without the agro (that’s aggravation for you non- Aussie slangers out there. I’m not from Australia either but that’s not the point…I’m weird).

Personally I’m a bit of a lurker in comment sections because I make it a habit to comment everywhere I go!

I have this issue in real life as well – I’m a little bit of a loud person. I’m an introvert but I also like to talk. A lot. I mean I am the person you wish would stop talking on a train or when you’re out for dinner and the person at the next table won’t stop talking about nothing. I’m doing it now, aren’t I?

The thing is as a content creator I LOVE comments. I love people talking to me so I can talk back, conversation is the gold we mine on the internet when you’re putting stuff out there.

Because I know what commenting means to youtubers, bloggers and, to an extent, tweeters I will always try to engage with the content they have produced. That’s not to say I will just say anything for the sake of it but I’ll let them know if I’ve enjoyed it!

It’s kind of a way I try to be mindful about other people, rather than adding to the consumer world we live in where we take-take-take when it comes to ‘entertainment’, like it’s something we deserve rather than a gift, I want to give back, say ‘hi’ and generally be nice.

It’s something you should try if you don’t already; it’s how I’ve made some great friends on the internet so, for me, it’s worth having a conversation!



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