2016 goals


This is a regular blog topic and it’s not one I’m going to bypass. Far from being someone who dismisses resolutions I revel in setting intentions for the year. Sometimes I like to go with things like ‘be funnier’ or ‘be more zen’ and sometimes I like to write long lists of things I want to achieve. That’s what I did last year and, I have to say… I did terribly. I mean, I got lots of stuff done but not so much the things on my list. This year I hope to be better!

2016 goals:

Finish editing my first novel. I tried doing this last year and I did get further but I stalled on finishing it because I was scared to take the next step. I need to stop making excuses so this is a goal I want to achieve by the end of the month.

Edit my 2nd novel and start working on the 3rd in a series I’m working on. Basically write, write, write.

Do as much yoga as possible. Last year I wanted to do it every day but this year I’m going to try to take an easier approach and play around with it more.

Take my bike out. I built a bike a few months ago but never got out on it due to life! This year I want to make it year of the cruiser.

Take more photos and play more with filming.

Run less, play more. Last year I was working towards getting better at running. I love running but my knees aren’t cut out for it so I want to just have more fun when it comes to exercise.

Make more connections with people and write lettersI want to try to write at least one letter a month. Even if it’s just to myself!

Write a screenplay for a short filmI love writing screenplays but have never written a ‘real’ one (only ones for Uni) so this is a big goal of mine.

Get a new job or start making money by making thingsI have been working in the same office for AGES and I hate it but it’s afforded me things like saving up for a house and it’s paid for multiple courses and my degree as well as travelling so I can’t begrudge it that much, however I do feel like it’s time I should start trying to make a career out of the things I’ve learnt over the years. 

Blog more. Pretty obvious but I want to try to keep momentum going on this blog and be more creative. 

I feel like these are quite big goals but I’m on the cusp of a lot of it already, it’s just a case of me facing my fears. Jumping into the unknown etc etc.

Hopefully I’ll do better this year than last year. Life’s too short to live the same year over and over, right?



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