Home Decorating Dreams

I’m currently in the process of buying my very first home. It’s a small flat just around the corner from my current place of work (Urgh) and down the road from my family home.

Ever since Pinterest came into being my life was complete. I’ve always been an idea hoarder (note books filled with thoughts and designs) but Pinterest gave me the means to make it visual and I LOVE IT.

I just wanted to do a little over-view of my dream home design because I have so many ideas all over the place, why not bring them all together here?

Living room ideas;




I’m in love with decorating and DIY and want to do loads more this year (over the last two years I’ve done quite a bit of wallpapering, painting, lifting tiles and laying wooden floor) and really test my abilities. What’s more fun than measuring things up and using power tools? Not much!

I’m sure a full post will be up at some point in the near future with a flat tour… I hope… unless something awful happens and it all falls through… *No, Sam, positive thinking only here!*



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