Yoga Bear


I’m a yoga bear, for sure. I’ve been haphazardly practising very basic yoga stretches and vinyasas for about the past five years or so. I am in no way ‘good’ at yoga but it makes me feel good so that’s good enough for me. [how many more times can I say good today?]

For the past two years I’ve jumped on the ‘I’m going to do yoga every day’ trains, which is definitely a goal I want to achieve in my life but, hey, it’s 2016 and I’m come to realise that despite my intentions I’m not yet at that stage in life where I am good at sticking to things like that.

Each year I have managed a good few months before it becomes yoga every couple of days, and then yoga at least once a week, and then finally yoga when I remember I’ve not done it in a while.

This year I’m just setting myself the intention to enjoy yoga more than anything. I want to build up arm strength and try to get into some more advanced poses. As I have done each year recently I’m following Adriene Mishler in her 30 day Yoga challenge. She’s my yogi home girl! If you haven’t found that person who speaks to you in a way that makes you want to keep going back to yoga then please look no further. Adriene has her own yoga channel on Youtube and her mantra, everyone’s mantra over there, is Find What Feels Good. 


I go to a weekly class, we’ve been through a fair few teachers; some great, some maybe not so much. It’s only our current teacher who speaks to me like Adriene does and that, to me, is a huge score! If you don’t have the right teacher you won’t learn a dot. Basically yoga isn’t just about the poses but about how they make you feel. Adriene really sells that message!

Some day in the future I’ll post some favourite poses of mine just for fun! In the meantime I’m jumping back into a 30 days of yoga routine and I’m excited!



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