Project 365 – A beginning [01-01-16]

First off – HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Last night I did what every cool gal should do; I stayed in with my family and we ate too much cheese and played games with brutal competitiveness. I hope you all had an equally good time and brought the new year in with people you love, laughing and praying for bed time to arrive!

This year, 2016, I decided to embark on Project 365. I have seen people doing it on blogs and Instagram alike and decided to dip a toe in the waters.

As a way to document little things, as a way to take more pictures and a way of adding to this little blog; it seemed like a cool thing to do.

I’ll be using all sorts of methods, I’m not going to be using the same camera every time, I’m going to basically let the pictures do the talking. Let’s count it in, then!


1st picture of the new year: this was my evening! Family and games night – surely a good way to start 2016?

I’m looking forward to seeing other people posting pictures – if you are doing it let me know!



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