Bad Ass Woman: Tatiana Maslany


It’s been a while since I’ve done a bad ass woman post! Seemed appropriate to do this one on the last day of the year because of all the women I love I’m most excited about her return to my small screen!

If you’ve been living under a TV rock (or just don’t happen to watch a million shows at once) you might have missed the rise of one of the best actresses/ performances of the past few years.

Tatiana is a Canadian actress currently starring in the amazingly creative sci-fi show Orphan Black. The show follows Sarah Manning (Tatiana), a young mother trying to get her life and her daughter back, and instantly draws you in with the mystery but the fantastically created story isn’t the only thing that keeps me watching. Tatiana doesn’t just play the character of Sarah Manning but several others throughout the three seasons that have aired so far.


Each character has a different accent, style, air about them that means you totally forget Tatiana plays each one! I have major admiration for someone who can take on such a huge challenge and pull it off with such hilarious/ dramatic pizazz!

If you haven’t already I’d recommend giving it a watch – it’s a brilliant show and she’s destined for great things, hopefully!!



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