Blog Roll Call


I don’t just enjoy writing blog posts, I really enjoy reading other’s blogs as well. From short snippets of information to longer posts with pictures and opinions. I wanted to do a quick Blog Roll Call to let you know which blogs I find the most inspiring;

The Dainty Squid – a fantastic blog written by a rainbow haired girl called Kaylah from Ohio. Her blog is always an inspiration for me, her aesthetic is to die for (she literally keeps skulls…) and her eye for things is fabulous. Her photographs alone make my eyes happy.

The Artist’s Wedding – my friend Megan’s blog which is a lovely little place where she’s keeping track of her wedding plans; from proposal to decoration she is writing about it all. You can tell just from the pictures she’s got an eye for beautiful things and don’t get me started on how talented she as an artist. Constant Jealousy over here.

Mickey Alice Kwapis – is a wonderfully kooky blog I recently found via The Dainty Squid. Mickey mixes images perfectly with her blog posts, something I really enjoy. She leads an extraordinary life; she is a taxidermist. Quite frankly the only taxidermy I’ve come across is on TV shows, I’d never thought about it in real life, which sounds silly but there it is. Despite being a vegetarian there is a curiosity around the world she lives in and I can’t help but wish she had her own TV show because how cool would that be?

Cat Patrick – a blog written by a writer; I’m sure there are plenty of them around but I love Cat’s wit so much that any chance to read what she’s putting out there makes me happy. Plus she really likes zombies and Alan Rickman so she’s bad ass IMO.

A Dash of Cinema – You’ll find plenty of recipes here and snippets about films. Lauren is obviously very passionate about food and film which warms my cockles. She’s got a good amount of archived posts and in the new year she’s moving to a self hosted site so the link I’ve put my not be valid for new posts much longer but you should definitely check her out, especially her most recent smoked salmon chowder recipe. TO. DIE. FOR!


I am always on the lookout for new blogs so if you have any favourites leave them in the comments!!




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