Photostream: December Walk

In the new year this blog is going to grow. I don’t have grand plans to become a lucrative blogger, I just want to continue to write and share things I like.

One passion of mine is photography. I have a diploma in black and white photography so am proficient with manual cameras and dark rooms but I really do love the efficiency of digital; as much as I love delayed gratification instant photography is something that’s always tickled my fancy.

That being said please find a little recap of my walk with Juno, the Beagle, in and around the village I live in.

juno park
Little Juno checking out the tennis courts
Tennis Courts
Lorde’s ‘Tennis Court’ will forever resound in my head when I walk past. 
light trees
We have a fabulous selection of trees and I LOVE trees. In fact, most of my personal favourite photographs are of trees…
green walls
The bricks are so old they are covered in thin coatings of moss which is nice of nature to try to colour co-ordinate.
old post
An old sign post eaten by age and yet blending into the surroundings so well.
cobbled street
I love finding the old, hidden, cobbled roads.
Slanted Doorway
Someone forgot to use a spirit level when they made this…
old lights
If you know where to look you can still find the old street lights.

I live in a little village in the North West of England. It’s a beautiful place filled with beautiful things and I love living here so I’m going to try to explore the area more next year and capture the little things that make me happy.



*All pictures taken with a point and shoot; Canon IXUS 100 IS. (Most pictures edited in post).


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