Book Covers

Confession time; I judge books by their covers.

Obviously the cover of a book doesn’t indicate whether it will be good and I wouldn’t buy a book just for the cover however I will admit that I’ll pick books up just to ooh and aah at the cover art.

Book cover designs are, to me, a beautifully under appreciated thing and so here are my favourite ones of late.

Ok so these are E-Book covers but they’re amazing!
The depth is divine!
I haven’t actually read this but the intricacy in design is eyecatching.
Love Love Love this book and this cover always catches my eye, it’s busy and confusing up front but from far away you only see the title. Perfect.
Decadent and beautifully illustrated with the text!

Going into book stores just to look at covers is a guilty pleasure, I even have a Pinterest board with pictures I think would be good as book covers, it’s fast becoming a hobby…



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