Love to Watch: Twinsters


If you saw my previous post about what I got for Christmas you will have noticed I got a HUGE book listing the best TV shows according to Taschen – television and films are a huge part of my life. As a fan and as a writer I love story telling in every form so I’m constantly watching things. 

The exploration of the human condition and relationships is what keeps me going.

Today I decided to delve into something I’d had on my Netflix list for a few weeks. A documentary I’d seen being made a while ago via Youtube called Twinsters. 

In the day and age of being ‘Catfished’ the story is instantly attention grabbing. I won’t spoil anything, this isn’t a review, I just wanted to perhaps divert your attention towards it.

Samantha and Anaïs are two women given up for adoption as babies who find each other through the internet and are amazed at how similar they look. The documentary, filmed by Samantha, follows them on their journey as they try to discover if they are identical twins who were separated at birth.


As far as documentaries go this one has always caught my attention and I’m glad I watched it. I usually watch ones about murderers and other dark things in life so watching one about how families can connect and the internet can bring people together is a good shift!

Watch it, enjoy it and let me know what you think!



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