Christmas unwraping

As the middle child in my family I find I do really well at Christmas and on birthdays. Mostly I think it’s because my parents and siblings think I get left out or something but each year my pile of presents is just ever so bigger than anyone else’s. I think it may also have to do with how much attention I demand from everyone – hey, if you know you do it surely it’s ok?

It would be a shame not to document what I got because they were so DAMN thoughtful! Without further ado – the gifts:

The Taschen Book of TV shows because I’m a TV addict. 
This absolutely delightful bedding – art deco to the max. 


Glassware from Blade Runner because WOW! I love glassware and this was my ultimate prize!
To go with my sci-fi cool whiskey glasses I got this awesome decanter and matching tall glasses. Seriously, glassware. 


Sci-fi classics, comic books and a lovely picture of Snape – Juno is also a huge fan. 
A teen movie (guilty pleasures) and new CD to listen to in the car because I’m still living like a 90’s girl. 
The much needed makeup bits and bobs!

There you have it. Quite a collection. The Blade Runner glassware is most probably the best present I’ve ever received… bar the ultimate Harry Potter Hogwarts Chest collection a few years ago. My boyfriend is possibly the best…

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!






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