So this is Christmas… Eve.


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I don’t know about you but Christmas Eve is as much a part of the holiday as Christmas day is and so to have to work (in an office) is like a slap in the face.

To be fair I have had the start of the week off work and I won’t be working until the 4th of January but that’s not the point… I’m selfish, ok? I want my time to just be in the Christmas Spirit!

Still, I know I have it lucky, I work in an office and I only had to work 9-2 and in that time I had an hour for lunch a coffee break and time to just generally mess around… no one tell my boss. (What do they expect?)

At least I don’t work in an industry which is customer facing. I wandered into a few places today and saw they were open until about 9pm. That, to me, is just harsh.

If I had it my way I’d just wake up, have a lazy breakfast which turns into a lazy lunch which blends into putting my PJ’s back on and sitting watching movies until I fall asleep. When I was a kid that was my usual routine but when you get older you have to do things like work and visit other people. What happened to never leaving the house?!

It’s almost time for final gift wrapping and eggnogg with a mince pie and cream, after that I’ll watch something festive. What do you like to do? Tell me your traditions! Do you have to work? If so I feel your pain!

Happy Christmas Eve!



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