Why I’ll always trust another woman’s opinion


The sisterhood is a powerful thing. As much as a man might tell me a look beautiful or give me advice on what to do with a boss that is driving me crazy I will never rest with just that opinion. I need my girls to help me out. I’ve talked about sisterhood before but another girls opinion is something I just need in my life.

In real life I depend on my sisters, best friends and work colleagues turned coven! These women are a disjointed unit who all make up my views on life and I would be lost without them.

On the internet I have a group of ladies who I can turn to for anything ranging from food dilemmas (like how many pizzas are too many pizzas) and rants about the world. We like to call ourselves Team Cake because we kind of like to think there isn’t a situation in life that can’t be made better with a slice of the good stuff (so it turns out I really like slice-able food…)

I also really love my other internet support groups – firstly there is my Kula; my little yoga group (which is actually a huge online yoga group) where I know the women will provide support no matter what. Along with other internet communities like Your Zen Life where the community is thoughtful and present, offering an abundance of helpful articles regarding life and love and health, and Hello Giggles where any topic goes and it’s like an internet equivalent of meeting up with friends for a girly night in that ends with chocolate and wine, I’m pretty much set up with a giant supply of amazing women all over the world.

Whilst these online communities aren’t totally female based I find myself gravitating towards the women I see there because we’re all there with the same outlook on life and so I know that their opinions will help guide me. Even if it’s to offer an opposing point of view I’ll happily take it from them or join in a debate.

In this day and age women’s voices are more powerful than ever in a different way than before. We’ve always had amazing women leading the way for us; fighting at the front lines for equality. We should be forever grateful to them but we should also realise that each and every one of us needs to be there for each other. You know what I’m talking about; the scrutiny we’re all under in every aspect of life, the only way we can combat it is by sticking together and I think (despite some inevitable set backs) we do a pretty good job of it.


Sorry for such a long post about us girls but I’m happy to be alive in such a women positive time. Tell me about your groups; do you have a network or do you find that we’re still a while away from the women positive world I’m talking about?




2 thoughts on “Why I’ll always trust another woman’s opinion

  1. It’s a weird thing.

    From observations and stories I heard from people, female relationships are both more chaotic and more intimate. I especially saw it in the military. I loved my boys, but we were never as close as the girls was to each other. You couldn’t seperate them. They always went with each other and lost sleep to be with one another. We just felt alone.

    I wonder why it is so.

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    1. Yes! Definitely more complex with regards to relationship dynamics! I love my male friends and can have great conversations and generally great relationships with them but for some reason the women in my life seem more important. I think it’s probably just one of those ‘you know how I feel’ things!!!


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