Christmas Song


It isn’t a secret I like to sing. My friends and family have to put up with me singing all the time. Some of them even have to put up with me recording songs and emailing them, attacking their ears with my dulcet tones.

What has always been a bit of a secret is that I have saved a few songs to Soundcloud. The reason for not sharing them with others is because I put them there for myself so I can store them off my computer and listen whenever I like because I like listening to myself. I’m sorry to admit that.

As it’s Christmas Time I figured I might as well share an original Christmas song I wrote a while ago. It’s just a demo but why not put it out there? I have also added the option for download (for free) just in case you wanted to do so.

And so you can click HERE to listen to Cold Hands of Winter.

Happy Holidays



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