Bad Ass Woman: Teresa Palmer

Hi all,

I’ve been MIA of late because I’ve been trying to spend a little time trying to re-balance my life, figure out what I need to keep to keep me going and finding out where I need to trim some fat.

Back to business, though; Bad Ass Woman of the day/ my life is Teresa Palmer.

I came across Teresa, first, when I watched the movie I am Number Four. I thought she was fab and ever since I’ve tracked her movies and projects down with a hunger I thought only existed for Mexican food.

The reason she struck a chord with me wasn’t just because she’s a great actress but because she is such a damn cool zen guide in this crazy world.

The website Your Zen Life (which she created with best pal and fellow Aussie Phoebe Tonkin), along with her Tez Talks on Youtube have become a huge part of my life ideals. Both the website and videos encourage a mindfulness that is inspiring, mixed with the community aspect it’s just plain great!

I highly recommend you check her out either as an actress or as a soul-sister!



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