So you want to to be a writer?

Yes. That’s my answer, anyway.

I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember and I do, in fact, write very often. I have several books in the pipeline. One of which is almost finished which will lead me on the well trodden path to find an agent, get a publisher and eventually, possibly, get published. Wow.

It sounds exciting but jeeez is it a long slog and hard work. Worth it, though, for the creative outlet.

In the meantime, whilst I keep trying and trying to write fiction, I have been keeping a look out for freelance work or editing work or publishing work of some kind. The trouble is that there isn’t that much out there – well, not visibly anyway. What do I know? Maybe there is a secret place where writers are requested and they’re all having a great time without me terribly punning my way into a corner where I can sit alone and laugh at my own jokes… no, you’re right, that wouldn’t happen… would it?

I digress.

I seek writing jobs and the only things I ever see are medical writing jobs. Medical writing jobs. What are they? I still don’t understand, even though I see them all the time. I also always see the words EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

I’m sure we all know these words well. Experience required tells me that they don’t want to waste time with someone who can’t do the job but, from my life experiences, I can pretty much do anything I try. That’s not big-headed of me, it’s just a fact. If a job doesn’t say EXPERIENCE REQUIRED, though, I’m pretty sure the pay is tripe.

Oh what a tangled web.

It’s tough, this writing malarkay, but it’s worth it. I guess. I mean, maybe it will be in the long run. SOMEONE HIRE ME.


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