I don’t want a baby, ok?

For as long as I can remember I have never wanted children. I have never imagined myself as a mother. I never have and, at 29, feel like I never will. I’m fine with that, seriously. I have never wanted them and I never will.

Other people, however, do not like this. I have never had anything other than grief when I’ve told people I do not want to spawn children.

Children have never been a factor in my life plans, I’ve never even thought ‘hmm, maybe…’ to myself and yet, even though I’m certain this will never change (the same way I know I’ll never eat meat again) people still tell me that I’ll change my mind. When I’m older I’ll want them, apparently. This day has never come.

It’s not that I don’t understand, to a point, why people want them. Some kids are cute, I guess… I have just never ever wanted to have to look after them.

Another argument I hear often is that I’d ‘love my own’… that often comes after I’ve rolled my eyes at people going mushy over a baby in a onsie.

The fact that I’ll never push one out of my loins means that I definitely won’t love my own. Because I can’t naturally birth the children I love the most… dogs.

That’s right, I love dogs more than babies.

I hope that the other women out there who are fine to never ever have children realise that they aren’t alone. And I’m pretty sure we all have to hear the same ‘convincing’ statements… really, though, what’s so good about kids anyway? They don’t sit on command and they eventually grow up and start giving you shit. My puppy is never going to learn to talk. That, to me, is the magical bliss I want in my life, thank you very much!


2 thoughts on “I don’t want a baby, ok?

  1. It us amazing how people react when you say you don’t want kids, as if you are a spawn of Satan himself!! I hate it when they say you will change your mind because you can’t show them the future where you are wealthier and free to do what you want, anytime you want, anywhere you want!!

    Its cool to find other 29/30 year olds that have the mixed same thoughts as me 🙂

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