As much as I think self esteem is plagued on by our current society I also feel like it’s a parents job to enforce self esteem.

I saw this video recently – mother redesigning dolls so they are less fancy and more plain – and as much as it’s great and creative I can’t get on board with it fully. Body image, ideas regarding beauty, range from person to person. The dolls are over the top, much like the action men are and the super hero bodies of ‘boys toys’. Their muscular frames are suited to express the macho-ness of the toy, which is a work of fiction. From my perspective it is up to the people around you (friends, family) to enforce your idea of self esteem.

How many people grew up with a mother who was always trying to lose weight through the means of complaints and eating? I’m sure it all spans back generations but, from my point of view, this is where it all stems.

I’m older now and can see my self esteem issues for what they are. I’m not trying to blame my mother and aunt who both struggled with weight (in their minds) and so dieted and harped on about it daily (neither turned to healthy lifestyles and exercise). I’m almost 30 and have come to understand my own body and mind so that I can make decisions about how I feel about myself…myself. How many other people feel they get that chance? My younger sister is slim. Petite, you might call her. Does she think she struggles with her weight? Yes. She is always complaining about her size and her ‘fat’ and can’t realise it’s all in her mind. It’s like looking at a mirror image of my mother, who has the same tendency to complain when there is nothing wrong with them. They aren’t, in any way, anywhere near being overweight.

It baffles me.

Instead of blaming ‘culture’ like it’s some vile beast who lives in a cave in the mountains and comes out to prey on our minds and ideals can’t we, instead, realise we are the culture we hate? Can’t women stop complaining about their bodies to their friends and children and just realise the can just try to be healthy and if they don’t succeed that’s OK?

We don’t have to be perfect humans with sculpted arms, leg, stomachs. If there’s one thing I like about humanity it’s that it comes in all shapes and sizes! I’m just trying to raise some more awareness for the ‘love thy self’ mindset. If you need further encouragement just listen to this classic:



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